Water Glass

Water Glass might possibly be the most revolutionary and the easiest car care product you will ever purchase! Water Glass is a spray-on, rinse-off paint sealant that provides durable UV-protection and jaw-dropping water repellent properties.

Water Glass is one of the most hydrophobic paint care products available where water simply rolls off the surface upon contact. The secret to Water Glass lies in its advanced chemistry formulated using hydrophilic glass fibers, silicon polymers, and advanced fluoropolymers, Water Glass provides a remarkably glossy and slick finish that complements superb paint protection.


HK$ 168.00

Category: TACSYSTEM Windows Care 玻璃護理 D.I.Y Products 簡。易。快 Car Body Glass Wheels
Stock NO.: 4TR081
Capacity: 200ml500ml1000ml4000ml
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