Ultra Foam

Ultra Foam is an concentrated car wash shampoo, which enhances and endures the shininess of your vehicle. Ultra Foam produces a high density of foam to save you time and fewer scratches made when cleaning. It was formulated to use with a foam lance, with a dilution rate of 10:1 to create foamy-snow car wash.

Ultra foam is highly economical, this equates to roughly 10ml in the bottom of a 1ltr bottle in a foam lance when using with a domestic pressure washer, or simply a 10ml in a bucket of water and can be used to wash 2 to 3 cars!

to use simply rinses car surf first, then spray the car with a liberal layer of foam and allow to dwell for at least 10 minutes, after this time simply rinse the foam off and the dirt rinse away too. The longer this product dwells the deeper it penetrates in to the dirt and more of the dirt will be removed."


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Category: TACSYSTEM D.I.Y Products 簡。易。快 Car Body Glass Wheels
Stock NO.: 2TC040
Capacity: 500ml1000ml4000ml
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