WELCOME to AI Motor Spa

myspa.com.hk 成立於 2014, 位於香港的一間專業汽車美容公司,提供的服務包括拋光打臘內籠清潔、玻璃防護軚輛清洗、石英鍍膜等。



Mine & Yours

你的第一首選 車行代理為你提供一站式服務!



Visit us at www.mymotors.com.hk


TACSYSTEM 成立於1995年,在17年內,超過一千種產品由韓國授權專利的証書,另外我們是首個研發出QUARTZ COAT (玻璃鍍膜),它的出現說明了一個全新的打蠟時代的開始。




SCANGRIP is continually moving, and in just a few years, they have achieved enormous success with our range of durable and functional lighting solutions for the professional market.

They are always two steps ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights. The technology of LEDs and batteries is constantly evolving, and due to our distinctive strength we have the ability to take advantage of these multiple technological opportunities.



FLEX started in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1922. Our first product was a portable grinding machine with a flexible shaft. We are now the industry leader in wet and dry tools for concrete, stone, masonry and metals. For over 80 years, we have been committed to developing products that provide the industry with longer tool life and improved performance. "Quality tools for specialists."

Today our family of products includes wet and dry grinders, wet and dry polishers, wet edge milling machines, wet handheld and stationary core drills, angle grinders, dustless concrete grinders, concrete wall slotters and a pneumatic wet stone grinder.


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