WELCOME to AI Motor Spa

myspa.com.hk established on 2014, a professional car care detailing shop located in Hong Kong. We offer bespoke detailing services for your cars: Polishing & Coating, Interior care, Glass protection, wheel cleanse and coating and others. 

We are also the main distributor of TACSYSTEM HK & Macau, offering a range of professional car care products.

Our aim is to provide the most useful and helpful service possible and to lower the cost of car care in Hong Kong.

Mine & Yours Motors

Your No.1 Car Agent with one-stop services!
We are motor specialises that strive to provide one-stop quality motor services in aiding locals and expats to purchase or sell motor vehicles; from retail including warranties for your purchase, all documentation undertaken, car beauty & detailing to maintenance and delivery.

We specialize in all major brands from supercars, family cars to fun cars, such brands insists of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, to Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen etc.

Visit us at www.mymotors.com.hk


TACSYSTEM established in 1995, within 17years, have more than 1,000 products which are authorized with the CERTIFICATE OF PATENT by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. TACSYSTEM is the first one developed QUARTZ COAT. It marked the end of organic wax era and the beginning of the new inorganic coating ear.

We exports highly concentrate formulas to over 40 major countries around the world. Our market share in South Korea is 80%.

We at TACSYSTEM always consistently work on environmental protection, cost savings, dust-free operation and high efficiency operation.


SCANGRIP is continually moving, and in just a few years, they have achieved enormous success with our range of durable and functional lighting solutions for the professional market.

They are always two steps ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights. The technology of LEDs and batteries is constantly evolving, and due to our distinctive strength we have the ability to take advantage of these multiple technological opportunities.



FLEX started in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1922. Our first product was a portable grinding machine with a flexible shaft. We are now the industry leader in wet and dry tools for concrete, stone, masonry and metals. For over 80 years, we have been committed to developing products that provide the industry with longer tool life and improved performance. "Quality tools for specialists."

Today our family of products includes wet and dry grinders, wet and dry polishers, wet edge milling machines, wet handheld and stationary core drills, angle grinders, dustless concrete grinders, concrete wall slotters and a pneumatic wet stone grinder.

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